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Important Information and Funeral Services Guidance!

Planning your Funeral.

Sureway Funeral Directors in Gauteng will take care of the planning of your funerals making sure every detail is taken care of.

While you are consumed with grief funeral planning is an emotional as well as a costly process, and because many people do not have an idea of what is required there can be a great deal of uncertainty.

Although many people have the chance to talk to their loved ones before they pass many people do not know what their life wishes were. It is a difficult conversation to discuss with someone you love but everyone should realize that death is a part of life and then moving on to everlasting peace.

This funeral guidance may give you some idea of planning funerals or internment (cremation) so that you are not overwhelmed when the time comes.

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There are a lot of details that must be taken care of when funeral arrangements are being made and the costs can be high. If you are fortunate to have made provision with a funeral policy this certainly can lessen the strain on your finances.

If a loved one has already pre-arranged or pre-paid for their funeral services it can save time and even money. A qualified funeral directors services can be there to help you every step of the way in making certain every detail has been taken care of efficiently.

At Sureway Funeral Directors in Gauteng, we are there for you every step of the way to help families to find peace, acceptance and ultimately accept the passing of their loved ones.

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There are many steps to follow when a loved one dies, but rest assured that you don’t have to do it on your own. here are just some of the arrangements that have to be taken care of for funeral services:

Phone our Emergency number 082 320 1382 and we will send someone immediately to stand by you and take care of all the necessary funeral services arrangements.

We will take care of things like:

  • Compiling the information for the obituary if you need this information displayed in the media
  • Choose a funeral venue
  • Decide on the type of disposition for the funeral which can be (traditional burial, cremation, green burial, interment or family mausoleum.)
  • Select a suitable casket/ and or cremation urn for the ashes
  • Select a grave marker if burial is preferred and  the inscriptions
  • Identify a  suitable location for interment/cremation or burials
  • Identify a location for the church/memorial service
  • Decide on the type of service according to denominations (memorial, wake, military, Jewish, Muslim ceremony, celebration of life, etc.)
  • Choose a florist and desired flower arrangements if you have specifics in mind
  • Pick the photos to be displayed at the service or on the leaflets for printing
  • Prepare any other funeral displays, videos, speeches or memorabilia for use at the service
  • Write the obituary or have it written for you.
  • Communicate the preference for  the types of flowers, and their disposal afterwards
  • Pick the funeral music or songs to be played/sung at the  funeral/memorial service
  • Select suitable clothing for the deceased to wear.
  • Choose  the passages to be read at the service (scripture, poems or other meaningful sayings)
  • Optional compile photos for a memorial register or guest book
  • Purchase memorial cards if required
  • Create and print memorial folders or programs for the service
  • Arrange suitable transportation to and from the service for family members if needed
  • Choose a master of the ceremony to lead the service (religious leader, family member, etc.)
  • Choose pallbearers to carry the casket/coffin
  • Obtain legal pronouncements/deceased certifications of death from an attending doctor or hospice nurse or ambulance services
  • Arrange the transportation of the body to the funeral home (or coroner if an autopsy is required)
  • Obtain death certificates ( and certified multiple copies)
  • Obtain a burial permit (sometimes referred to as a permit for disposition) or cremation arrangements
  • Set a time and date for the funeral service

The death of a beloved is very traumatic, and no one should face it alone and with much to be taken care of, you need an expert, caring funeral directors. Our funeral services are simply unbeatable..

Sureway Funeral Directors cater for Johannesburg and Gauteng but If you are in other provinces, you can still phone our emergency number and we will assist you in every way!

We have sister companies all over South Africa we can refer you to that offer the same caring flexible funeral services every step of the way…