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Common Funeral Terms Explained.

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Common Funeral Terms Explained.

Funeral Terms Explained for Your Convenience.

Funeral Terms Explained

Understanding Some Common Funeral Terms.

At some time in your life, you may have to deal with funeral services for a loved one or family member and it is easy to get confused with all the funeral terms.

Here we will explain some of these funeral terms so that you understand the different services and options.

Funeral Service.

A Funeral Service is the that will be held in memory of the deceased and the body will be present at these services.

Memorial Services.

A Memorial Service is a similar to the above but in this case, the body will NOT be present at the services.

Often a picture or special sentimental items will be displayed at these services.

Burial Services

In a burial servicesthe body will be present at the funeral service in the church and later pall bearers will take it to the funeral vehicle called a hearse and from there to the cemetery where the deceased will be buried.

Cremation Services.

When this service of cremation is chosen, there are two options for either having the coffin present at the services or not.

There may be a display coffin available for viewing at the services or just present as per the wishes of the family.

Funeral Terms

Traditional Funeral Services

In the case of Traditional funeral services in funeral terms, this encompasses a wide range of options to cater for specific family beliefs for the deceased.

In a traditional funeral, there will be certain elements, procedures that will need to be followed and special events.

These choices will often be based on the type of religion or cultures.

Funeral Leaflets

The funeral leaflet will be printed to memorialize the deceased and may have hymns or verses printed within it.

Most funeral leaflets will display a best photo of the deceased depending on the wishes of the family.

Caskets and Coffins

In funeral terms, people believe these are one and the same thing but there are differences.


A casket is specially-designed to contain the body of the deceased and used at the service for the viewing of the body.

This will also be used for the burial and lowered into the ground .


A Coffin


Coffins have six sides and the top part of the box is a lot wider than the bottom. The reason coffins are built simpler than a casket is that the narrowing on the bottom section is done to save wood.

Coffins are designed to accommodate the wider width of the upper body and then down to the narrower width for the feet. Coffins are almost always cheaper than caskets.


Funeral urns are the containers used to hold the ashes of the deceased after a cremation. There are hundreds of options in urns available made in dozens of different materials.


Burial is the placing of the body into a grave that is often dug to a depth of six feet and width wide enough to accommodate the casket or coffin.

Funeral Cortege or procession.

This is the convoy of vehicles that will proceed to the cemetery where the deceased will be buried. These processions are often done under the supervision of traffic officials or police.

The deceased will be at the head of the procession in a funeral vehicle called a hearse with all mourners following in their own vehicles.


This is a common one of the funeral terms which is a death notrice often published in local newspapers or online announcing someones death.

It can also indicate when and where the services will be held for those that would like to attend.

Hope you have found these funeral terms to be useful in helping you plan the type of services you need for your loved ones.

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