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Best Funerals Services Johannesburg

Common Funeral Terms Explained.

Funeral Terms Explained for Your Convenience. Understanding Some Common Funeral Terms. At some time in your life, you may have to deal with funeral services for a loved one or family member and it is easy to get confused with all the funeral terms. Here we will explain some of these funeral terms so that…
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Funeral Speeches

Tips for Writing Funeral Speeches Eulogies

Writing a Funeral Speech (Eulogy)   What is a Eulogy? During funeral services or memorials, it is common for friends or family to make a speech acknowledge the deceased. This is called a eulogy and more than one can be delivered during the funeral or memorials… The idea of this speech is to reminisce of…
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Coping With Grieving Loss

Coping With The Grief After Loss of a Loved One.

Coping With The Grief After Your Loss The Stages of Grieving Your Loss When someone passes away whether unexpectedly or from old age, those left behind have to deal with the grief and this can be overwhelming as well as a huge challenge. There are many different emotions that need to be dealt with and…
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